When and how to apply Streptokill

When apply Streptokill?

A short answer can be formulated from the experiences of patients. The sooner, the better and always in sufficient quantity. As soon as you have an inappropriate feeling in the throat. Timely application is very important, which is why Streptokill comes in a travel pack for easy portability.

12-4 applications five to twenty times a day, on the affected areas in the throat, i.e. that it is possible to apply several times an hour. The fact,  that STREPTOkill is a 100% natural product to which does not develop resistance, even more frequent applications with a higher number of squits are possible. Based on the experience of patients, they are also commonly used in acute cases and that frequent application with a higher number of applications was a crucial factor.
.  Always after eating, drinking and brushing teeth in the morning and evening.
3.  Before sleep.
4.  At night only if we wake up, i.e. we do not recommend waking up with an alarm clock to apply in the middle of the night and toc. considering that it is inappropriate to interrupt sleep artificially.
5. It is possible to start the application even when antibiotics are being taken.

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How to apply Streptokill

Always in sufficient quantity, i.e. 2-4 injections on affected areas in the throat.
But more is possible. In children, due to their small throats, on the contrary, fewer injections are usually sufficient.
1Spraying directly on the tonsils. After applications, it is always a good idea to swallow so that the Streptokill spreads on the tonsils.
2Especially after a long sleep, we can use Streptokill to gargle. For this purpose, take a small glass, turn the oral applicator downwards into the glass and spray Streptokill into the glass 20 times. Then add one teaspoon of water to the glass to ensure optimal dilution and then gargle. After gargling, however, it is still advisable to apply undiluted Streptokill directly on the tonsils.

When preparing the Streptokill gargle solution, do not open Streptokill, but spray the required amount through the applicator. Opening the bottle could lead to increased oxidation of some of the active ingredients and unnecessary loss of some of their properties.

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