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Owing to the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, the need to treat tonsillitis without antibiotics grows as well. This is of course possible in many ways, but recently the treatment without antibiotics has been much easier and more efficient due to the newly developed Streptokill.


Streptokill is a strong oak extract, which can very purposefully and without side effects eliminate even very resistant streptococci and in most cases also to save even very damaged tonsils from tonsillectomy.  

An advantage of the treatment without antibiotics is that the immune system is not burdened and the patient has much higher chance after being cured that tonsillitis will not come back. If tonsils are strongly damaged by earlier inflammation, the return of tonsillitis is no exception even if it was cured without the use of antibiotics, however, it has less serious progress than the tonsillitis returning after antibiotics. In general, it can be said that the body is able to better cope with each subsequent tonsillitis. However, with treatment with antibiotics each subsequent tonsillitis is more severe than the previous one. This is logical, as in the first case the immune system is not damaged by antibiotics. Moreover, if Streptokill is applied for any unpleasant feeling in the throat, the condition, appearance and function of the tonsils gradually improve.

It is common that patients use Streptokill relatively often in the beginning, as the feelings of “scratching in the throat” are usually frequent in case of tonsils, which are in a bad shape, even if not every scratching really means a beginning of tonsillitis. However,  frequent use of Streptokill will not have any harmful effects, unlike antibiotics. No matter what is the cause of scratching in the throat, a bacterium, virus, physical damage or just a strange feeling, it is not necessary to hesitate and you should immediately apply Streptokill. This will improve both the condition and function of the tonsils in the long term, “scratching in the throat” will not occur so often and thus even the frequency of using Streptokill will decrease. 

If tonsillitis, or scratching in the throat, is caused by a virus and not a bacterium, then Streptokill is of course ineffective, as antibiotics would be, but the significant advantage is that Streptokill does not weaken the immune system, on the contrary – it supports it and it eliminates bacteria, which arise as a secondary product of a viral infection. That is why we do not need to explore, what is the cause of tonsillitis, unlike in case of the treatment with antibiotics, and we can apply Streptokill immediately. It is even recommended to apply Streptokill immediately, in case of a real threat it is able to slow down or even completely stop the onset of tonsillitis and if there is no tonsillitis, application of Streptokill will do us no harm anyway. 

In case of a viral tonsillitis, it is therefore necessary to rely on your own immune system and to support it with a sufficient rest, supply of liquids, vitamins in a natural form and a reasonable control of fever. We do not recommend artificially produced vitamins, or reduction of an increased temperature with drugs. A fever is a weapon of our immune system and if it is not too high (to threaten our life), we should let the fever fulfil its role. It is necessary to understand that increasing of the natural resistance of the immune system cannot be based on tablets and artificial supplements, but on the search for the natural equilibrium of the human organism. It is almost impossible to have a strong natural immune system, if you consume too many preservatives, colorants, synthetic drugs and other substances unnatural for your body. The combination of an unhealthy lifestyle full of stress, overly air-conditioned or overheated rooms and lack of movement in fresh air may lead to an increased likelihood of chronic illnesses of any type.



If the treatment is not effective, tonsillitis can spread to the adenoids or pharynx. This may sometimes lead to such a significant enlargement of tonsils that airways will be blocked or an abscess could be formed, which is a sac full of pus, which must be surgically cut and removed, or even removed together with the tonsils (tonsillectomy). When compared with strep throat treated with antibiotics, strep throat treated without antibiotics brings a higher risk of the so-called sterile consequences of the bacterial infection, i.e. consequences which occur at the time, when streptococcus is not usually present any longer. This may happen up to several weeks after you underwent tonsillitis and it can include a kidney inflammation or rheumatic fever, which affects for example the heart valves, heart muscle or skin. Causes of rheumatic fever are not quite understood, it may be an autoimmune illness to a certain extent. However, these serious complications are very rare. 

If the patient wants to make sure that their tonsillitis is cured, they can ask the doctor to check the urine and blood after experiencing tonsillitis, although the examination might not always be unambiguous. Blood sedimentation is decreases very slowly after tonsillitis, and the values of the so-called ASLO of the antibodies against Streptolysine, a toxic protein formed by streptococci, increase and decrease even more slowly. Many people have this value increased without suffering any symptoms of inflammation.


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