Complications and convalescence of Tonsilitis


Sometimes there are complications, such as an abscess on the tonsils, which should be aspirated with a syringe with a needle, cut open with a scalpel or tonsilectomy (tonsillectomy). suppression of infection and inflammation.
Untreated tonsilitis can cause a number of complications. Angina can spread to the tonsils or pharynx, and it is also possible to cause inflammation of the kidneys or rheumatic fever, which can appear several weeks after the symptoms of angina have subsided and affect, for example, the heart, joints and skin.

These serious complications are already very rare nowadays, when most sore throats are treated with antibiotics. If the patient wants to make sure that his tonsilitis is treated correctly and to minimize the risk of these serious complications after experiencing a streptococcal infection, he can ask the doctor to check the urine and blood after experiencing tonsilitis. However, it is necessary to point out that the examination may not always be unambiguous. E.g. blood sedimentation decreases relatively slowly after angina, the values of the so-called ASLO (ASL) antibodies against Streptolysin, a poisonous protein produced by Streptococcus, increase even more slowly, but also decrease.

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Recovery from Tonsilitis

Normally, our body needs about 2 weeks to recover. However, this time is very individual. After repeated treatment with antibiotics, we must expect that recovery may take longer than a month, on the other hand, after successful treatment of tonsillitis without antibiotics, recovery is usually much shorter.

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The best prevention is, of course, to strengthen immunity, primarily through a healthy lifestyle. The basis is above all physical and mental well-being, sufficient physical activity, a healthy diet and staying in a healthy environment. Also stress control and, last but not least, high personal hygiene.
Above all, oral hygiene such as regular tooth brushing, but also the use of interdental brushes and IMMEDIATE disinfection of the tonsils and larynx with every, even slight, sensation of "scratching in the throat". For this purpose, we recommend STREPTOkill, which is also from natural sources and does not develop resistance to it, so it can be used without fear in case of any inappropriate feeling in the throat. We also recommend regular hand washing, which protects not only you, but also your surroundings from transferring bacteria or viruses.

It is also reasonable to limit contact with infected persons who have not yet started their treatment.

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