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As Streptokill has entered to the Czech market only recently by the notification under the Ministry of Healthcare from 6/11/2014, it can be expected that it will be available in the sufficient extent in pharmacies only around mid 2015 and during 2016 should be available in pharmacies in most larger cities in Czech Republic. 

Where to buy Streptokill

You may find up to date list of pharmacies supplied with Streptokill here.

Another possibility is online, where you can buy Streptokill in the most convenient and quickest way in the e-shop of the exclusive distributor for the Czech and Slovak Republic at

It is the official online shop and wholesale shop. If the customer places an order on by 5 p.m., Streptokill will be sent in the evening of the same day to any place in the Czech Republic and delivered on the next day. The delivery to Slovakia takes an additional day.

Another advantage of the official e-shop is the guarantee of 100% or free, which means that you can return Streptokill and get a refund if it did not help you. However, statistics show that there are very few such patients. On the contrary, an absolute majority of customers are satisfied and even excited.

Our business partners, i.e. especially brick-and-mortar, pharmacies and hospitals, are supplied with Streptokill through health-care distribution Phoenix and Alliance Healthcare. They may as well place order here if needed.  

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