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The earlier you begin to apply Streptokill in case of acute tonsillitis, the earlier you make it possible to reduce the number of streptococci and to thwart the progress of the disease. The development of strep throat is usually very fast, so mere hours could mean that tonsillitis gets into a difficult phase, when the risk of complications, such as impossibility to swallow, suffocation etc., is already very high.  

When and how to use Streptokill?


Even if you use Streptokill as prevention, the speed of its application is important. If you apply it for any unpleasant feeling in your throat, you significantly reduce the chance of streptococcus of causing tonsillitis and if the inflammation does occur, it should be much weaker. 

If the scratching in the throat is not caused by bacteria but has a viral origin, the use of Streptokill should help you as well. Streptokill will not affect the viruses directly, this will be the task of your immune system in any case, but Streptokill will disinfect and protect your throat from harmful products of the viral infection. 

The speed of application is always the crucial factor, which is why Streptokill is delivered in a travel package, so that you can take it with you anywhere. 

You should also apply Streptokill at the time, when its effect without external factors will be the longest, which means not before any meals or drinks, which would reduce the effect of Streptokill. 

Intervals, in which you apply Streptokill, should be adjusted to the intensity of the inflammation, i.e. the stronger is the tonsillitis, the more frequently you should apply Streptokill. In case of a strong acute tonsillitis, this may mean up to 4 sprayings 20 times per day, which may mean an application every 30 minutes, considering that you do not apply it while sleeping. On the other hand, if you are just finishing your treatment of tonsillitis about 2 weeks after the acute symptoms disappeared, it is sufficient to apply Streptokill just several times a day and later just once per day before you go to sleep. In case of preventive use for an unpleasant feeling in the throat, one application should be enough or one application on each tonsil, and if the unpleasant feeling goes away, you do not need to use Streptokill anymore. 


In case of tonsillitis, use the oral applicator to apply Streptokill directly on the tonsils. After application, you should swallow, so that Streptokill is spread over the tonsils. 

Especially after a longer sleep, you can use Streptokill for gargling. Take a small glass, turn the oral applicator downward into the glass and spray Streptokill 20 times into the glass. Then add one teaspoon of water into the glass, which will ensure an optimum dilution and now you can gargle. After gargling, it is better to apply Streptokill again by it directly on the tonsils. 

When preparing a gargling solution, do not open Streptokill; just spray the required amount through the applicator into the glass. Opening of the bottle could cause an increased oxidation of parts of the active substances and the subsequent partial loss of their effect.

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