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Tonsils are oval-shaped tissues in the rear part of the throat, where they serve as important filters due to their lymphocytes and other immune system cells catching bacteria and viruses, which try to get to our bodies through our mouth or nose.  

At the same time, the tonsils produce antibodies, which help to fight against these intruders.
If bacteria get stuck on the tonsils and the tonsils are not able to eliminate them, it may result in inflammation – tonsillitis. 



There are 3 types of tonsils in our bodies. The two afore mentioned TONSILS situated in the rear part of the throat, one situated in the rear part of the nasopharynx called ADENOID (PHARYNGEAL TONSILS) and the last ones are tonsils on the rear part of the tongue called LINGUAL TONSILS.

If you suffer from frequent infections, or recurring tonsillitis, then your doctor will probably recommend a surgical removal of your tonsils, or tonsillectomy. It is true that strongly and chronically damaged tonsils lose their function and act more like a source of infection than its eliminator, but this does not mean that even strongly damaged and deformed tonsils cannot be cleaned, cured and their function restored.

This aim can be easily reached by using Streptokill. If you use Streptokill immediately every time you have a suspicious feeling in your throat, recovery of even strongly damaged tonsils is possible within several months. This means that you should always have Streptokill with you and apply it every time you feel even the slightest scratching in your throat. If you feel there is something wrong with your throat, just apply Streptokill immediately, as your feelings are usually correct and the optimum effect can only be reached, if you apply Streptokill immediately. After all, if you make a mistake and apply Streptokill on completely healthy tonsils, it will not harm you in any way, but when you tonsils really are sick, the bacteria on your tonsils will receive an immediate “hit”, they will not be able to breathe and it will be impossible for them to overwhelm your tonsils and develop an infection. This way the tonsils get cleaned in time and new infections will be less frequent on healthier tonsils, as bacteria and viruses will have far less chance of surviving and thriving on healthy and strong tonsils. 


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